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Safely advertise through the Cannabis Advertising Network on authorized websites with a variety of marketing tactics like geo targeting, OTT, email, and more. Reach out to one of our specialists today to explore your options!

Cannabis Advertising Channels

Connected TV

More cable TV viewers are cutting the cord every day and moving to online streaming TV platforms. 

We can help you reach these viewers with insightful attribution and powerful targeting.

Email Marketing

Marketers should be mindful of the fact that Baby Boomers tend to use a
wide-range of email and online service providers.
Campaigns should include email strategies when  Boomers are the Consumer.

Geo Targeting

Users are targeted using their mobile device. Some will be new users to your campaign, some will be recognized as categorical consumers when they enter the zone location that is being targeted. 

We've built the partnerships

We’ve done the heavy lifting to line up the best, cannabis approved CTV, Email and Banner delivery channels for your industry! 

  • 21+
  • Ad Copy Guideline
  • Simple Approval Process
  • Video Production Included
  • Brand Safety
  • Excellent Programming

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Let’s take the journey together. Fill out one of our contact forms and one of our specialists will be in touch with you soon, or call us now for more information and to discuss where you are in your own marketing efforts. For a detailed list of tactics allowed in your state please reach out to your Beasley Media Group contact.

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Beasley Media Group provides advertising services only for products or brands that are legal in each state where they are sold, and works only with advertising customers that comply with the law of each state in which they operate.  Certain advertising services may not be available in all markets. Beasley Media Group reserves the right to refrain from providing services in its sole discretion.  

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